Home, Sweet Home

When Nao was a baby, doctors only gave her a few years to live. The prognosis was proven wrong as
the little girl turned out to be tougher than expected. Nao is like a miracle – and so much more.

This intimate film following the life of one family for 35 years is one-of-a-kind. The director, Shinichi Ise, started documenting the life of his disabled niece, who suffers from massive epileptic seizures, when the girl was eight years old. The documentary is a delicate portrayal of life with a disabled child in a society where disability is considered a shame and remains invisible.

The film, however, is essentially a portrayal of relationships and internal dynamic of a family, and the struggles of each of the family members. The passing of the years with birthday parties, new year’s
eves, and entertaining discussions give rhythm to the documentation of everyday life. The daughter of
the family, Nao, has a keen social eye, and a noble lesson to teach us: wish others well, and be kind.

Malla Salminen

Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Q&A with Ise Shinichi (director) on Tuesday 29.01. at 19:45 at Andorra

  • Name in Original Language: Yasashiku naani Naochan to kazoku no 35nen
  • Director: Shinichi Ise
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 2017
  • Length: 111 min
  • Age limit: K12
  • Format: HD file
  • Cinematography: Ishikura Ryuji, Segawa Junichi, Miyata Hachiro
  • Editing: Ojiri Koichi
  • Production: ISE FILM


  • Andorra: Tue 29.1. at 19.45
  • Maxim 1: Fri 1.2. at 20.30
  • Kinopalatsi 8: Sun 3.2. at 19.15