New Finnish Visions – Student Films

All My Aunt’s Pets
Iiti Yli-Rinne (Suomi 2018, 4 min)
Aunt’s life does not go as planned and best of intentions do not always suffice. Animation
documentary of aunt’s baffling pet history.

Ashes to Ashes
Tuuli Teelahti (Suomi 2018, 6 min)
When a body is cremated, all that remains, are some nails from the coffin. And that’s that.

Juho Reinikainen (Suomi 2018, 5 min)
An intimate confession of sex, power, trust and desires as experienced by four young adults.

Elina Hyvärinen (Finland 2017, 28 min)
The director searches her own roots in Carelia while going through her family history and her relationship with her grandfather.

Liminality & Communitas
Laura Rantanen (Finland 2018, 10 min)
After the sunset, a man wanders between the edges of highways gathering edible roadkills. Then
he brings them over to the bonfire.

Still Life, Stillleben, Quiet Life
Sera Martikainen (Finland 2018, 28 min)
A portrait of dream groups where people study their dreams. Dream groups lead to the verge of
shared humanity, to wondering what it means to be human. The most important thing is to listen,
not to find an answer.

Women’s Day
Fanni Mikkonen (Finland 2018, 14 min)
Liisankoti is a communal home for 19 women, who have struggled with addictions and alcoholism.
These women have gone through a lot but turned their life around for the better. We follow three
friends who are getting ready for Women’s Day festivities.

Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English

Q&A (in Finnish) with Juho Reinikainen, Laura Rantanen, Fanni Mikkonen, Milja Nieminen, Tuuli Teelahti, Sera Martikainen, Elina Hyvärinen, Iiti Yli-Rinne (directors):

On Wednesday 30.01. at 15:45 at Kinopalatsi 1
On Saturday 02.02. at 12:00 at Maxim 1

  • Country: Finland
  • Year: 2018
  • Length: 95 min
  • Age limit: K16
  • Format: DCP


  • Kinopalatsi 1: Wed 30.1. at 15.45
  • Maxim 1: Sat 2.2. at 12.00