The Face of Death

Death is a painful and scary thing, but it can also be full of love and gratitude. Kiti Luostarinen’s film follows people in hospice. Death is always present in their everyday lives.

This is what director Pirjo Honkasalo wrote about The Face of Death:

”Death is a taboo, and taboo is a Polynesian concept. There is a mysterious force about it that may be contagious if you touch it – that is why it is dangerous to touch a taboo. You should not touch death. It may cost you your life. But you have to do it in order to look death in the face. That is a risk that Kiti Luostarinen is willing to take and that is what this film is all about.”

Cinematographer Marita Hällfors says that the film was fun to make despite its dark and terminal topic, because of the method of narration and the director’s visual ideas.

Saija Holm (Translation: Marko Pyhähuhta)

Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English

Q&A with Kiti Luostarinen (director) and Marita Hällfors (cinematographer) on Thursday 31.01. at 17:15 at Andorra (in Finnish)

  • Director: Kiti Luostarinen
  • Country: Finland
  • Year: 2003
  • Length: 53 min
  • Age limit: K7
  • Format: 35 mm
  • Cinematography: Marita Hällfors
  • Editing: Tuula Mehtonen
  • Music: Toni Edelmann
  • Production: Kiti Luostarinen Production Ky


  • Andorra: Thu 31.1. at 17.15